Your PhotoPass Magic Shot Photos Wanted and a Few Updates

The Definitive Guide to Disney’s PhotoPass is long overdue for a facelift and I’m shamelessly asking for your support – especially if you’ve found the site to be helpful to you in the past.

I’d like to replace the current magic shot samples with larger, unmasked versions. So if anyone can contribute their magic shot photos to the site, I’d greatly appreciate it. I’m even welcoming the same magic shot multiple times from different families as I will be able to display varying examples in a couple of different ways. If you are willing to help, please email them directly to Please make sure these are the full size images however and not copies directly off the PhotoPass website. Also preferably without any additional borders added (but any are welcome).

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Definitive Guide to Kidcot and Location Cheat Sheet Updated

The Definitive Guide to Kidcot has been updated to reflect the reduced number of locations in Future World as well as the relocation of the Mexico Kidcot station. The location cheat sheet has also been updated to reflect these changes.

Check out the updates here.

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Agents Wanted: The Definitive Guide to Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure Now Available

528051701_ge797-lIntroducing the newest member of the famous Stitch Kingdom Definitive Guide series, the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure. Stitch Kingdom takes you deep undercover into Epcot’s new in-park high-tech game, providing you with tons of information you won’t and can’t find anywhere else in true Definitive Guide style.

Check it out at Spread the word!

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Follow StitchKingdom on Twitter and Win

Once Stitch Kingdom hits and maintains at least 200 followers on twitter, weekly contests will be held in which one lucky follower chosen at random will win a $10 Disney gift card. Contest details to follow once the target is reached.

So if you’re not already, follow us at for the latest in Disney news. And don’t be afraid to tell a friend or 200. The more followers we get, the bigger the prize will be.

Parameters subject to change.

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Server Crash Due to Polish Invasion

I quasi-apologize for those who had trouble accessing the site for much of Saturday morning. The photo that shall not be named had been picked up by a popular Polish site called Kotek who uniquely opted to simply post the link rather than show the image as well. This immediately caused tremendous site overload (so much so that the account was even temporarily suspended). With my great host’s support, some changes were made to increase performance and to mitigate the service disruption from our visitors from Poland (who will still be able to see what they came for).

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Star Wars Weekend Screensaver Download Fixed

I apologize for the inconvenience some of you have reported in regards to downloading the free Star Wars Weekends screensaver, but I appreciate you bringing to my attention. The download ceased working when I switched to a newer version of the forum software, but I’ve gone ahead and made the edits to the code so it should be working now.

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Important New Changes to ReSearch!

After having a discussion earlier today with a ReSearch! subscriber who commented on the number of email updates he recently received with no apparent changes in the schedule, I just wanted to clear up a couple of things in regards to how the system works and also note a couple of changes I made earlier tonight to make the system more friendly for everyone. (more…)

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