Walt Dismal World – Disney Releases First Quarter

(SK Note: You can access the report directly here)

By Gina Keating

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Walt Disney Co reported a sharply lower-than-expected quarterly profit as the global downturn hurt its TV advertising, DVD sales and theme parks, pushing its shares 9 percent lower. (more…)

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Wondertime’s Up for Magazine


Despite a relatively strong performance in ad revenue in 2008 versus most other magazines, AdAge is reporting that Disney’s Wondertime magazine has become the next victim of the economic climate. The March issue will be the last and it’s not clear at this time how many jobs will be lost as some content is diverted to other like-properties.

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Steve Jobs: Poisoned Apple?


Despite having recently taken leave from his position at Apple for no less than six months over health concerns, Steve Jobs is up for re-election as a member of Disney’s board – and on board he is along with supporter, pal and partner-in-crime Bob Iger. Jobs is the largest single share-holder of The Walt Disney Company since the acquisition of Pixar by Disney in 2006. In the past few months, piles of rumors and suspicious activity led up to the revelation that Jobs – diagnosed with pancreatic cancer – is in worse shape than previously thought. At Disney, Jobs will be required to devote a minimum of 250 hours to the position leaving many wondering if he’ll manage to pull it off.

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