ABC News’ ’20/20′ to Air Exclusive Interview with Teen Convicted of Murdering Mother

It was like a modern-day tale of Romeo and Juliet: A 14-year-old girl and 19-year-old boy fell madly in love, despite a parent’s objection. But what happened next – a series of events that resulted in the murder of one of their mothers – was far from the ending of the Shakespeare play. Jim Avila’s report about teenage love and unbridled rage airs on “20/20,” Friday, September 16 at 10:00 pm ET on the ABC Television Network.

In 2009, Tylar Witt was a 14-year-old child of privilege living with her single and successful mom, Joanne Witt, in an affluent Sacramento suburb, when she began an illicit and illegal love affair with 19-year-old Steven Colver. Their relationship turned deadly when Joanne was discovered murdered in her bed as she slept, not long after notifying the police of her daughter’s illegal relationship. Tylar and Steve fled to San Francisco and, after a botched attempt to kill themselves, were caught by police. After nearly two years behind bars, their once unified front crumbled as they started pointing fingers at one another. Who ultimately killed Joanne Witt? Whom will the prosecutor believe? Who will get a plea deal, and what will jurors decide? In an exclusive interview with “20/20,” Tylar, now 16 and motherless, talks for the first time outside of her courtroom testimony.

“20/20” is anchored by Elizabeth Vargas and Chris Cuomo. David Sloan is executive producer.


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