First Look: 3D Sculpture of Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland (Update)

Note: Updates in bold.

Months before the official announcement, we were one of the first to share the blueprints for the new Magic Kingdom Fantasyland with you. Today we are thrilled to be able to show you this image we acquired of an actual sculpted model of the Fantasyland redo.

You’ll notice some derivations from the blueprints. Notably, the ‘Dueling Dumbos’ has swapped places with Pixie Hollow, which now appears to be a Fairies themed version of California Adventures’ Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree with a formal meet & greet area behind it. Toontown is completely gone as expected (not just refurbished) save for the Barnstormer, but whether it will be re-themed for either Dumbo as Casey Jr or for Snow White and a mine train remains to be seen. It also appears that the Hundred Acre Wood/Winnie the Pooh meet & greet area didn’t make the cut. After some have pointed out, it does appear that Pooh will remain and after some uncareful consideration, it appears the existing playground/meet and greet area seamlessly integrates into the woody fantasy forest motif even more.

As a reminder, click on the smaller image shown to see it in larger view. You should then also click on the resize arrows in the lower right hand corner to view the photo at its original size after which you can click and drag to pan the image.

Update #2: Disney Global Pinvestigation has done a fabulous thorough analysis comparing the model to previously released concept art which you can check out here.

Update #3: Robo has graciously provided us with his rendition of the above photo complete with notations as to what we believe each attraction will become in the new layout. Same rules as above for viewing apply.

3D Model for new Magic Kingdom Fantasyland Changes with labels courtesy of Robo

Update #4: Just as a formal response/disclaimer to some things I have read, it is absolutely not my intent to represent this image as either being current nor as being representative of what will actually become part of the new Fantasyland. Obviously things are always subject to change at any time, even right until the very point it would be introduced.

On a lighter note, another important notation someone has made is that the model’s Pixie Hollow meet & greet area is fully enclosed as indicated by an entrance/exit on either end of the range along the back border.

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15 thoughts on “First Look: 3D Sculpture of Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland (Update)

  1. I just wanted to point out that the tree from Pixie Hollow is still there, it is sitting on top of the meet and greet area. Also, did anyone else notice that the walkway between Cinderella's house and Ariel's ride has a windmill off of it. Could we possibly see The Old Mill attraction/food location from DLP arrive here in WDW?

  2. i dont like the idea of having more castles, i think there should only be one castle which is cinderella castle

  3. If they do this right, this could be a little girl's dream world. And, are they going to turn Fantasyland into two “lands”, with one being Cinderella's Castle Courtyard, and the other being Fantasyland Forest, or will it all be called Fantasyland, with individual references to the name throughout the land?

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