ABC Gives Lane Bryant Lingerie Ad a Big Beautiful Woe, Man

According to Lane Bryant, the retailer catering to plus-sized women, ABC initially rejected a television advertisement featuring a new line of intimate apparel that it had hoped to air during an episode of Dancing with the Stars. Lane Bryant claimed that the ad for its Cacique line was no more provocative than other commercials from retailers such as Victoria’s Secret and bra manufacturer Playtex that are routinely aired on network television during the same or similar time periods. Although Playtex does run ads for fuller-figure women (although not quite as daring), Lane Bryant called foul on the basis of size discrimination.

According to a Lane Bryant representative, ‘There was absolutely no rationale for us to be relegated to the back of the bus, when our ads were no more risque than those of Victoria’s Secret. The only difference is the size of our models. We would have expected better from a company owned by Disney.’

ABC responded by claiming it had never denied the ad and that Lane Bryant was simply capitalizing on the opportunity to seize publicity, which has definitely worked regardless of the truth.

In response, Lane Bryant has now released the contents of a memo that it claims proves its position in the matter. Dated April 9, the memo reads as follows: ‘UPON APPROVAL, THIS COMMERCIAL IS RESTRICTED FROM THE FOLLOWING PROGRAMMING/TIME PERIODS (ET): Post 9 PM: Extreme Makeover, Home Edition and Wipeout, Animated Wonderful World of Disney, Wonderful World of Disney, Dancing With the Stars, America’s Funniest Videos, Game Shows,’ all of which are definitely of family fare.

The controversial ad, which also caused a bit of a stir over at the FOX Network, is freely available on YouTube, courtesy of Lane Bryant:

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3 thoughts on “ABC Gives Lane Bryant Lingerie Ad a Big Beautiful Woe, Man

  1. I was thinking that.. and wasn't sure which game shows would be included unless Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune are rocking the primetime hours on some ABC affiliate somewhere, but you never know. Could be ABC trying to guard themselves, could be someone's creative but not well-researched work.

  2. The problem may not be so much with the half naked model, but with the story in the ad. She gets a text to met someone for “lunch” then just throws a coat on over her “intimate apparel” and leaves the house. That was a bit racy and much more than marching across the room in your underpants (Victoria Secret) or standing in front of a camera in your bra talking about it's fit (Playtex).

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