ABC to Launch ‘Club Millionaire’ Daytime Viewer Rewards Program from ABC DaytimePerhaps in an effort to offer consolation to those still reeling from the news that their decades-old favorite soaps have been shoved to the web to make way for Katie Couric, ‘The Chew’ and ‘The Revolution,’ as well as engage viewers, ABC Daytime has put up the framework for, a viewer loyalty rewards program which allows members to earn points by shopping through associated retailers online, entering in ‘certificate grants’ offered by partners offline and even by watching ABC Daytime for codes to redeem online. Once points are accumulated, they can be used to purchase merchandise and/or to enter prize-filled sweepstakes as well as donate to charities through the site. Membership to is free and requires only minor activity to maintain the account.

At launch time (whenever that may be as the site appears to only exist for the sake of advertisers and development at this time), boasts partnerships with Walmart, Home Depot, Target, Barnes and Noble, Kohl’s and Macy’s. The website will also offer a Groupon-like system, called GroupBuy, which allows members to participate in special deals once a minimum number of members have committed to it.

On a related tangent, a site has been established for Katie Couric’s daytime talk show at the mysteriously-titled website, but other than a Barbie-esque logo, no content is available to the public as of yet.

UPDATE 12/6/11 – sent an email to its members notifying them that the program is no longer operational. The site now points to the official ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ web site.

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