ABC Launches ‘LOST’ Fan Promo Contest; Winner to Attend Series’ Finale Party

With less than three months until the final episode of “Lost,” ABC celebrates the series’ dedicated fans, providing them with the opportunity to become a part of “Lost” history. Sponsored by Kia Motors, the Ultimate “Lost” Fan Promo Contest gives fans the tools to express and share their passion for the groundbreaking hit drama series through the production of an original promo which will air on the ABC Television Network the week prior to the highly anticipated finale, airing on a special night, Sunday, May 23 (9:00-11:00 p.m.), preceded by a recap special from 8:00-9:00 p.m. ET, on ABC.

“For the past six years, the fans of ‘Lost’ have shown extreme passion and unwavering commitment. They’ve spent countless hours watching and re-watching episodes, and formulating their own theories about the island’s mysteries,” said Mike Benson and Marla Provencio, executive vice presidents, marketing, ABC Entertainment Group. “We invite the entire ‘Lost’ fan community to play an active part in the series’ final season by participating in the ‘Ultimate Fan Promo Contest’ and look forward to celebrating their creativity and passion like never before.”

Beginning this week, “Lost” fans can visit to create and submit their own original 35-second promo. Entries will vie for the opportunity to be broadcast on-air in the week leading up to the final episode of “Lost.” In addition to having their promo televised, the Grand Prize winner will receive a trip to Los Angeles to attend the series’ special finale party. has made available a robust archive of pre-cleared “Lost” assets including video, still images, music, sound bites and special effects audio that fans can use to create their pieces. Additionally, the site is offering an online mash-up tool that can be used to create videos. Original promos can be uploaded to through March 21, 2010. The top creative and original entries that promote the series’ finale will be evaluated by a special panel of judges, including “Lost” executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, as well as executives from ABC Entertainment. Once the top five videos are selected by the special panel, fans will be able to go to April 19 through April 23 to cast their vote for the Grand Prize winner.

For complete details and official contest rules, visit

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2 thoughts on “ABC Launches ‘LOST’ Fan Promo Contest; Winner to Attend Series’ Finale Party

  1. Well, does this mean that ABC is having uncharacteristic trouble getting viewers for “Lost”? Or that they are keeping awareness high? Interesting to pair this with your take on D23….

  2. Actually, yes, it does. Although I'm not sure if I'd use the word
    uncharacteristically here. ABC has been doing HEAVY promotion for the
    final season of LOST and the ratings have improved over last year's as
    a result after sagging. This is at least the second official LOST
    contest I'm aware of for this season.

    But what I really want to answer is that there's little relation
    between what D23 does and what DATG does other than they operate under
    the same banner. The organizational units operate independently to a
    large extent and how one unit handles one thing doesn't necessarily
    reflect or influence how another unit handles things.

    D23 events have traditionally been very popular, selling out in
    minutes, even with much higher costs involved, so I think it's fair to
    note that they seem to be struggling with the First Anniversary Event
    at Disneyland, particularly in comparison to Magic Kingdom's which is a
    larger venue and lacks the strong local base Disneyland has.

    I'm not really sure where this is headed though to be honest. I'm a fan
    of the D23 concept and have been a strong proponent of it since day one
    and will continue to do so and completely agree that more of a generous
    outreach from them on a more prominent basis would be very welcome.

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