ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ Explores ‘Faith and Fear — Islam in America’ Beginning Tomorrow

With recent protests against the building of a Muslim community center near Ground Zero and the controversy surrounding a Florida pastor threatening to burn the Koran, ABC News’ “Good Morning America” launches a new three-part series, “Faith and Fear-Islam in America.” According to a recent ABC News / Washington Post poll, a quarter of Americans admit to feelings of prejudice against Muslims. This series will take a deeper look into the lives of Muslim Americans, how they practice their faith in this country and why many Americans are apprehensive about the religion.

On Wednesday, September 22, Robin Roberts will give viewers a better understanding of who this country’s millions of Muslim citizens are and explore whether the hostile public rhetoric sparked by the proposed Islamic Center at Ground Zero has changed their lives. She will compare the current divide in the U.S. to the one that opened up after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and ask whether things are worse now.

On Thursday, September 23, ABC News anchor Dan Harris talks candidly with a group of American teenagers, including some Muslim teens, about Islam in this country. They talk about their experiences with the Muslim religion and what they think can or should be done about Islamophobia.

On Friday, September 24, Bianna Golodryga digs deeper into reports of anti-Muslim bigotry in the U.S. She speaks with a group of Muslim women from a community in southern New Jersey about their experiences with prejudice over the years. To gain understanding and perspective, Golodryga and a female producer recently went undercover in New York City, upstate New York and in a Houston suburb, dressed in the traditional head scarf or ‘hijab.’ Golodryga reveals their impressions and observations on the experience.

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