Activist Group Tests Waters of Cruise Lines; Questions Environmentality of DCL

Friends of the Earth, a grassroots organization that acts on behalf of environmental activists, just published its first ever ‘Cruise Ship Environmental Report Card‘ in which it ranked the top 10 cruise lines in four different areas. Although a bit crude in its attempt to assign grade letters in what it essentially describes as a Pass/Fail system, the bottom line for its review of the Disney Cruise Line’s current two ships is pretty clear: when it comes to sewage treatment, air pollution and availability of said information, DCL earns a straight F, placing it dead last on the list.

For its research, the organization mostly relied on a letter from DCL President Karl Holz which can be seen here.

For what little I can claim to understand, although DCL doesn’t yet provide what some other cruise lines made, this shouldn’t necessarily suggest that DCL is destroying the environment but simply that there are things that can be done to reduce the impact of anything negative that may currently be in place.

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