Adventures by Disney and HarperCollins Announce Winners in ‘Flat Stanley’ Contest

Adventures by Disney and HarperCollins Children’s Books today announced three winners from “The Search for Flat Stanley’s Next BIG Adventure” contest. Children, ages 7 to 12, had the opportunity to win an Adventures by Disney vacation by creating a specially-themed Flat Stanley and a 150-word story describing his “Next BIG Adventure.”

Following hundreds of creative entries crafted from all sorts of material, including glitter, sand, yarn, construction paper and even jeweled stickers, three winners have been chosen from the following age groups:

  • 7-8 yr-old winner Lauren Shepard from Tennessee sent Flat Stanley to Australia for a great adventure “Down Under”
  • 9-10 yr-old winner Adia Chaney of Maryland designed a European-style Flat Stanley; her story highlighted the Queen of England
  • 11-12 yr-old winner Destiny White from Texas captured her win with an Asian-inspired Flat Stanley and an unforgettable adventure to the Great Wall of China

The following are the winning entries of the “The Search for Flat Stanley’s Next BIG Adventure” contest:

    Lauren Shepard, Tennessee
    Flat Stanley visits Australia by winner Lauren ShepardStanley had to do a report on Australia for school. So his brother Arthur folded him into an envelope and mailed him to Australia. Stanley found a kangaroo named Joey and asked him for a tour. First, Joey showed him the Great Barrier Reef Raft. Stanley enjoyed it until sharks came by, so Stanley went to the bottom of the reef and pretended to be a flounder to hide from the sharks. When the sharks left, Stanley went back up to the surface and asked Joey for a less dangerous adventure. Next, Joey folded him into a boomerang and threw Stanley in the air. Boomerang Stanley came right back, but very dizzy! He asks Joey if there was anything to do where Stanley could just sit and watch. Joey folded Stanley in his pouch and took him to a rugby game. Joey mailed Stanley home with a vegemite sandwich!

    Adia Chaney, Maryland
    Flat Stanley visits Europe by winner Adia ChaneyStanley Lambchop knew that being flat had advantages! The phone rang and his little brother, Arthur, answered it. He yelled that the Queen of England was on the phone. Mr. Lambchop laughed and said, “Cheerio.” Then his face changed. “The Queen of England has an urgent matter!” Mr. Lambchop said. Big Ben, the famous clock tower, needed a repair that only a flat boy could manage! Stanley agreed to be airmailed to London, England. When Stanley arrived in London, he boarded a red double-decker bus and was soon looking up at Big Ben. He squeezed inside. He saw a loose screw and fit it back into its place. He made a final turn and Big Ben tolled. People everywhere began to cheer! As the Queen thankfully gave Stanley a ticket to ride the London Eye, she whispered that the President of France had called. Being flat had advantages!

    Destiny White, Texas
    Flat Stanley visits Asia by winner Destiny WhiteStanley wanted to join me on my Adventures by Disney trip to China, so he stowed away in my luggage. The next day he hid in the pages of my book as we explored the ancient city of Beijing, and visited the Great Wall of China. He attached himself to the side of the airplane as we flew to Chengdu to visit the Giant pandas. We flew to Guilin as he hid in the seat pocket in front of me. We went on a boat cruise, and even looked at beautiful Chinese art. On the flight to Hong Kong, he slept inside my back pack. We explored Disneyland, but Stanley’s view was limited to what he could see from my back pocket. We were so sad when we had to leave, but we did have a lot of fun. Stanley climbed back into my luggage and we returned home.

    Each winner and their family will receive an Adventures by Disney trip to one of its 19 worldwide destinations. Additionally, the three winners could also receive the opportunity to have their first name used in a future Flat Stanley book.

    “As our trips are designed with the child in mind, Flat Stanley’s ‘Next BIG Adventure’ aimed to inspire children using one of literature’s most well-traveled characters,” said Karl Holz, President of Disney Cruise Line & New Vacation Operations. “As the entries have proven, these three children have shown unmatched creativity and truly original stories that we are more than anxious to share – all three winners deserve this recognition.”

    “We have been continually encouraged and inspired when we hear about children’s adventures with Flat Stanley,” said Diane Naughton, vice president of marketing, HarperCollins Children’s Books. “These winning entries, with their outsized imagination and sense of adventure, truly demonstrate the original spirit of Jeff Brown’s Flat Stanley.”

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