Video: Agents Assemble in Farmers Insurance ‘The Avengers’ Ad

Avengers Thor DIY costume by Farmers Insurance J.K. Simmons reprises his role as Professor Nathaniel Burke, taking agents at the University of Farmers under his tutelage as he teaches them the fine art of being ‘superheroes of insurance.’ In the 30 second spot, titled ‘Suit Up,’ Professor Burke and the agents explore the similarities between being a Super Hero and being a super agent. The spot continues with a lighthearted exchange between Professor Burke and his agents, dressed in do-it-yourself costumes representing each of Marvel’s The Avengers’ characters: The Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow and Hawkeye.True fact: Tony Stark used a countless number of staples when creating the Iron Man suit.

The spot will launch on April 16, during primetime programming including ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ ‘2 Broke Girls’ and ‘Biggest Loser,’ and will run on cable networks that resonate with Marvel’s The Avengers fans, such as AMC, Comedy Central, TBS, TNT and Discovery Channel. Integrated creative will also run online on ABC, CBS and Hulu.

But wait, there’s more! The folks at Farmers are so enamored (enarmored?) by their do-it-yourself Avengers costumes, they’ve not only documented the magic in the behind-the-scenes video below, but have produced a series of diagrams demonstrating how any fan can miraculously transform into the doppelganger of Marvel’s iconic heroes. A full gallery demonstrating the costumes of Thor, Captain America (the before photo), Iron Man, Hulk, Hawkeye and Black Widow can be found on their official  Facebook page, just in time for San Diego Comic-Con (or whatever you like to do on Thursday nights in the privacy of your own home, we don’t judge).

Now how much would you pay? Don’t answer yet! The ad will also be recreatedin comic book form and will be run in select Marvel comic books in May and June.

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