AKC Poll Ranks Pop Culture Dogs; Disney Litters List, but No Top Dog

In a series of polls published on PawNation.com, almost 76,000 voters ranked the top 125 dogs in pop culture from a list selected by American Kennel Club (AKC) experts.

With Snoopy topping the list of most popular dogs in pop culture, Disney dogs pop up several times in the eclectic list,  but barely wedged itself into the top 20, with Chance and Shadow from Homeward Bound, followed very closely by #21, Lady and the Tramp.

When it comes to the Fab Five, Goofy outperformed Mickey’s pal Pluto by coming in at #29 versus Pluto’s #35. Between them came Disney’s The Fox and the Hound (31) and the classic Old Yeller (34).

The list also includes: 101 Dalamations (47); Air Bud (49); The Little Mermaid’s Max (78); Percy from Pocahontas (82);  Big Red(83); Slinky from Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story (87); The Muppets’ Rowlf (101); The Shaggy Dog (103); The Ugly Dachshund (110); and neither last, nor least, Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie (117).

If you’re interested in seeing how your favorite pup scored on the full list, you can check it out here.

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