Alex and Donna Voutsinas Recreate Magical Moment at Walt Disney World

Alex and Donna Voutsinas and their family re-create their magical moment © DisneyIt’s rare that we do publish a ‘human interest’ story here, but we couldn’t resist being one of the first to bring the story of Alex and Donna Voutsinas to the Disney community and weren’t surprised when the story took off like wildfire shortly after.

While sifting through photos for their upcoming wedding, the couple had discovered a childhood photo of Donna’s with her and her brothers meeting Mr. Smee and — to the surprise of both — Alex recognized his father in the background, placing the couple together in the very same photo decades before they actually met.

Today the couple was invited to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World to create a new magical moment and re-create the photo which has since driven them to the headlines.

Photo is courtesy of Disney and appears on the official Disney Parks blog which contains additional information about the couple’s experience.

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2 thoughts on “Alex and Donna Voutsinas Recreate Magical Moment at Walt Disney World

  1. The original photo has been seen over and over. It's in the video that
    this article links to (first link). Although if you're referring to photos
    from Alex's side that corroborates, I haven't seen one personally so I
    don't know if it's ever been shown.

    On Thu, 17 Jun 2010 22:07:17 -0000, “Disqus”

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