Amazon ‘Confirms’ ‘Frozen’ Blu-ray March 18 Release Date While Walmart Redacts

Disney 'Frozen' on Blu-rayDisney’s Frozen has been garnering accolades and attention for all sorts of reasons, most of which have been for quite positive ones, while others have been — well, confusing.

Take the case of the hotly anticipated home video release of Frozen. Amazon was first to begin accepting pre-orders — even while the film was just debuting in theaters — but this, in essence, has become the norm for Amazon. It’s a given that the product will be released on Blu-ray eventually, so why not accept pre-orders? Only Amazon had also been taking pre-orders for a 3D version of the Blu-ray, one it had to subsequently remove and unceremoniously cancel all orders.

Shortly thereafter, Walmart stepped up and announced it too was taking pre-orders. The key difference with Walmart, however, is that it does not accept pre-orders without issuing a release date and issue a release date it did — March 18, 2014. Truth be told, however, while Walmart’s track record with release dates prior to official Disney announcements has been good, they have floundered from time to time, most recently with The Lone Ranger which went through several apparent release dates and was even removed and reinstated from Walmart’s site several times. Pouring salt on Amazon’s wound, Walmart also announced it had an exclusive to the collector’s edition of Frozen which included the 3D version as well as the motion picture soundtrack.

Approximately a week ago, however, Walmart too removed its pre-order pages for Frozen and has apparently canceled all pre-orders.

Fast forward to today and Amazon has now attached a release date to its pre-order for Frozen, that of March 18 (still no 3D version, however).

No confirmation or information regarding the home release has been announced by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, but additional information is expected later this week, especially as Disney Store is prepping to release pre-orders for its latest limited edition dolls based on Anna and Elsa, whose releases are expected to coincide with the Blu-ray release. We have also heard speculation that the Blu-ray release may be delayed substantially due mostly to the film’s success and staying power with the potential for a second-run later this year.

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5 thoughts on “Amazon ‘Confirms’ ‘Frozen’ Blu-ray March 18 Release Date While Walmart Redacts

  1. Amazon is currently saying you can get it January 28th. Getting really confused. I ordered it yesterday and got an email w shipping info basically saying to expect it by January 31st

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