Video: The Walking Dead Infilitrate Studios of ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’

LARA SPENCER, ZOMBIES (ABC/Ida Mae Astute)October 31, 2011. History will eventually come to refer to it as ‘the morning of the living dead,’ but to the hundreds of New Yorkers in New York City’s Times Square, trudging between home, work and one of the hundreds of Starbucks, it was just a day like any other — filled with venti lattes, tourists and — most common of all — zombies.

But to the trained eye, there was a difference, slight as it may seem. For today, the zombies had an agenda and that was to occupy — not Wall Street, but the studios of ABC’s Good Morning America and I had the good misfortune to witness every last nail-biting, chilling moment of it. Clawing at the panes of glass that separate the stage of the hosts of the morning news program from the outside world which usually plays to out-of-towners, waving their birthday and hello signs to loved ones back home where it’s safe, these zombies representing AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ made it clear what they were craving most of all.

What follows is footage from this morning’s events — provided not for your enjoyment, but for documentary purposes. What happened here should never happen anywhere. If you wish to view the footage, we kindly ask that you remove all small children and puppies from the room before proceeding and remind you that you view at your own risk.

As for what happened after the camera stopped rolling, the photo above provides substantial evidence that the zombies were in fact successful with their mission and this is for certain — life in New York City will forever be changed because of it.

Photo courtesy of and © copyright ABC

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