Pixar’s Angus MacLane Proposes Wall-E, ‘Toy Story of TERROR!’ LEGO Models on CUUSOO

Proposed LEGO Wall-E Set by Angus MacLanePixarian Angus MacLane, who most recently directed the ‘Toy Story of TERROR!’ special and ‘Small Fry’ short is also a well-known LEGO enthusiast. His LEGO CubeDude collection has even been produced by the LEGO company for limited edition sets as well.

Now MacLane has taken to CUUSOO to promote two of his projects: a Wall-E figure as seen here as well as the LEGO bunny from ‘Toy Story of TERROR!’ (billed as screen-accurate), complete with the ability to ‘transform’ into a staircase.

LEGO CUUSO is an official community sourced by LEGO that allows amateur LEGO fans to propose models and sets which can than be voted on and commented on by other members of the community. Once the proposed sets reach 10,000 supporters, they will be eligible for review by LEGO and can potentially be turned into a viable commercial product, such as the Delorean time machine from Back to the Future. Reaching the goal is only half the struggle, however, the clear majority of models that do make it to the review level will never see the aisles at Al’s Toy Barn.

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