Authorized Ticket Broker ‘Ticket Mania’ Not Responsible for Credit Theft

Earlier today, WFTV, Channel 9 in Orlando,  reported on a raid against an Orange County business under the moniker of Ticket Mania who allegedly operated a front to collect credit card information and, in turn, used that information to purchase and re-sell Orlando area theme park tickets illegally online.

Regretfully for many, WFTV apparently left out several key facts reported by others that resulted in a misrepresentation of the situation and can have serious reprecussions for a company that has provided outstanding service by many reports for many years.

Consider this earlier report on the raid by the Orlando Sentinel which clearly explains the situation in which the alleged party operated a debt consolidation company as a front to steal credit information and then use that stolen information to purchase and re-sell tickets online via craigslist, identifying themselves as ‘Ticket Mania USA.’ The article makes the very clear distinction between this falsified name and the obviously not-so-concidentally similar name of the authorized ticket broker, Ticket Mania. Clearly the alleged criminals were simply trying to leech off of the success of a legitimate company.

Although I am an annual passholder and have always purchased all tickets through Walt Disney World directly, I can see no legitimate reason why Ticket Mania should not continue to have the support of the Disney community based on what has been reported so far.

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