Disney Parks Patent to Automate Character Meet & Greets Personalized Photos, Video

Disney's Automated Personalized Imaging SystemImagine walking into a room, running up to and hugging Donald Duck, turning to face an unmanned camera and walking out with a unique QR code stamped in your autograph book next to the ‘Donald Duck #1’ signature, referencing it later to not only access hi-res photos on your phone, but a fully edited video package of your character experience — and not a single Cast Member had a hand in the process.

With motion capture (MoCap) technology setups and video analytic software becoming more and more commonplace and more cost effective, it’s only a matter of time before their applications go beyond the norm of filmmaking and security.

A recently patent application by Disney Enterprises, titled ‘Automated Personalized Imaging System,’ by Christopher James Purvis, Joshua B. Gorin and Cliff Wong, seeks out to do just that. Recognizing that video is becoming more desirable over photography and the amount of human resources required to produce photos, let alone fully edited videos, the patent seeks out to create a completely automated solution.

Using an arrangement of cameras inside the room, the system will be able to identify and track multiple guests as they traverse through a show which includes standard character meet & greets. Such technology was on display from Walt Disney Imagineering at the Disney Parks and Resorts Pavilion at last year’s Disney D23 Expo. While The Amazing Destini demonstrated the ability to recognize a single guest’s emotions via facial expressions, an alternate display showed a screen in which all of the guests in the room could be counted and tracked.

With the patent, the system would be able to immediately recognize and track any number of guests as they enter a room and could, as an example, automatically take a photo when it identifies all of the subjects are in frame and posed (i.e., not moving). Once the image is taken, the system can properly crop and edit the photo based on the guests in the photo. Additionally, a series of video clips can be edited together to document the encounter, possibly mixing in stock footage or special templates to enhance the final product, all without the intervention of a Cast Member.

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5 thoughts on “Disney Parks Patent to Automate Character Meet & Greets Personalized Photos, Video

  1. Seriously? So let’s remove the interactions that enhance the guests experience, regulate the lines, and above all else, the people who make certain that the characters are not subjected to abusive guests! Sorry, but I guarantee that if no one is there for Disney’s characters, there WILL be guests who jump in front of the cameras and think it is funny to get a shot of them punching them or being inappropriate! This is just asking for trouble and even worse, it is not in the best interests and safety of Disney’s beloved characters! This is BEYOND a bad idea! In addition, it is more than standing on an “X” to get in the shot….those Disney photographers capture those moments by moving to get the shot a lot of the times, and a stationary camera is NEVER going to do that!

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