‘Brave’ Bootlegger Posts ‘Brave’ Teaser Trailer on YouTube

'Brave' Teaser Poster from Disney/PixarIf you can’t make it to a digital projection showing of Disney/Pixar’s Cars 2 anytime soon and if you happen to read this before someone from Disney’s legal department does, a moviegoer has opted to make a video recording of the Brave teaser trailer.

Despite the fact that the teaser trailer is in 3D and the camera is not and it appears that the bootlegger is about the size of a smurf, it’s not unwatchable from a quality perspective, but be forewarned that he’s no Jerry Seinfeld. It’s also worth noting that one Pixar animator has noted on Twitter that it will not be available online officially, so this may be your only opportunity for those that don’t wish to see Cars 2.

Update: 6/27/11 – Disney/Pixar has released the official Brave teaser online, which can be viewed above.

‘Brave’ Teaser Poster from Disney/Pixar

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