‘Brave’ Merchandise at Disney Store, Walt Disney World Doles Out Spoilers (SPOILERS!)

'Brave' bear cub plush from Disney Store, sold at Walt Disney WorldDespite the adorableness that you see here before you, I would urge you not to continue reading this article unless you want to learn plot points about Disney/Pixar’s Brave prematurely.

Consider yourself warned.

On Tuesday, bookstores will begin offering the Brave junior novelization, an adaptation of the film, true to a script which may or may not be the one that makes the silver screen. One thing is for sure, the junior novelizations, which I am a fan of, hold nothing back when it comes to major plot points, so they’re not something to read if you want to be surprised when the film opens on June 22, 2012.  So revealing are the books, that the Pirates of the Caribbean editions actually stop halfway through the film, so there’s no way to know how it all ends until you see the actual film.

Despite the books, whose secrets are of course released only to those who opt to read them, Disney/Pixar has historically been very tight-lipped when it comes to major plot points. So much so, that as they were rolling out the supporting cast of vehicles in Cars 2, they made sure licensees presenting at the New York International Toy Fair block out images of any vehicle not yet released, even down to small sheets of stickers. Not to mention they famously pulled a fast one by presenting Siddley as the enemy of hero Finn McMissile in the early trailer/previews.

So one has to wonder why Pixar has not only been flaunting some of its plot points of Brave right before your very eyes, almost as to hide them in plain sight. Many have made the connections, many have not, but for those that haven’t, it appears Disney Store wants to correct that by releasing products that range from subtly suggesting what happens to outright telling you.

It started with this Deluxe Brave Figure Play Set released a couple of weeks ago. Among the figures included is a large adult bear wearing a crown. Get it yet? Here’s a hint, the actual description on the product’s website identifies it as ‘mumbear.’ See it now? Final hint: the junior novelization calls it ‘Elinor-Bear.’

All the while, Disney/Pixar has been releasing trailers and stills that show Merida with the adult bear in tow, or reaching out to the bear and even seemingly defending it by sword. Surprise.

By extension, you can probably guess where this is leading since Merida has been seen being very playful and affectionate with the three bear cubs since the beginning. But in case you haven’t made that connection yet either, the new plush bear cubs from Disney Store now on sale at the Merida meet and greet merchandise cart at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World will fix that and you won’t have to work nearly as hard to have that spoiler revealed to you and that is why this article is being written, because it just simply couldn’t be any more overt. Each of the three bear cubs has a name associated with it and while I won’t go as far as to reveal their names, you only need look at the tag to find it in large print.

'Brave' bear cub plush from Disney Store, sold at Walt Disney WorldAnd in case you can’t read, or choose not to, apparently cast members tending to the cart have little problem sharing the secret:

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/#!/corrwill/status/201411123369607168″]

I can’t help but think the bear cub plushes being sold at Walt Disney World have been inadvertently pre-released and will be pulled soon, as they are not yet available at Disney Store locations and online (though that may change this upcoming week and the book certainly changes things), but reports are that the plush are extremely popular, so they may even sell out before being pulled.

Granted these are not the only secrets the movie holds. I’ve heard of even more plot points and surprises which I will spare you, but these spoilers from the merchandise are actually key to the plot of the film.

One more mega ‘spoiler’ for you: the triplets’ nanny is named Maudie.

Very special thanks to @iwynlea for the images used in this article.

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