‘Cars 2’ Easter Eggs (Spoiler-Free Edition)

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Obviously this will only be a partial list by nature because Pixar Animation Studios is the absolute champ when it comes to building in hidden messages and images and it can often take until well after the blu-ray is released before many of them are found, but here’s our feeble attempt at finding just some of the easter eggs in Cars 2, hopefully in a spoiler free way. We’ll provide mentions and hints about what we’ve found and heard about and will put more details inside a hidden paragraph that can be found by clicking on the text displayed beneath it.

If anyone has any additions or corrections they would like to share, please use the contact form above. We ask kindly that you do not use the public comments with anything that can be perceived as a spoiler.

Let’s start with the basics. These are nods to that appear in most every Pixar film:

A113 – Referring to the classroom at CalArts attended by many of Pixar long-time animators. Pixar has freely mentioned it’s used twice in Cars 2 (which includes Mater’s license plate), but we found at least one more.
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Pizza Planet Truck (aka the YO Truck)
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Luxo Jr – The star of Pixar’s first animated short, he’s become so synonymous with the animation studio, he’s part of their official tag.
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Other Pixar Films… – Pixar is known (quite well) for placing references to other Pixar films, not just past films (like Buzz Lightyear in Finding Nemo) but even future ones (Dug in Ratatouille, Lotso in UP and even Finn McMissile in Toy Story 3). We’re not sure who from Brave or even Monsters Inc. 2 can be spotted in Cars 2, but we did catch references to at least two previous films.
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and Pixar Shorts Too!
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Pixar’s tributes to.. themselves – They’re there. Although you’d almost have to live, breathe and eat Pixar and — to be honest — they’re just a little high in fiber for us. Still, here’s a few things we know of to watch out for.
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Separated at Birth – One major Cars character shares the exact birth date of someone very famous. Warning: there is no partial credit for this one!
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A Disney Theme Park Attraction? – With Cars 2 on the way at Disney California Adventure, wouldn’t it be neat if we spotted a nod to the Magic Kingdom? We think we just may have.
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Please send any additions/corrections via the contact form.

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