New ‘Cars 2’ International Poster

'Cars 2' Teaser Poster from RussiaAdding to the Cars 2 news today is this teaser poster from Bulgaria from via IMP Awards.

Aside from featuring heroes Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater, the series of directional signs also includes cities that haven’t yet been discussed in the context of the Disney/Pixar film such as Berlin, Madrid and Moscow.

For even more information on Cars 2 including turnaround videos and hi-res stills of its stars, follow this live bookmark. Cars 2 rolls into theaters on June 24.

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2 thoughts on “New ‘Cars 2’ International Poster

  1. is BULGARIAN, but not russian movie website. It would be good if u edit this, so it would be correct. Greetings for the good job you are doing.

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