‘Cars 2’ Meet Japan’s Okuni, Kingpin Nobunaga, Pinion Tanaka and Zen Master Plus New Retro Posters

Disney/Pixar has released a new set of hi-res character stills and profiles of new friends from its upcoming summer blockbuster sequel, Cars 2.

But first, here are three new retro posters focusing on this week’s topic: Tokyo, Japan, including the movie-style poster we last saw done for Germany, except here we get a look at Mater after a few upgrades (added to the beginning of the gallery below).

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Click on any of the images below to see a larger version. If you see the resize arrows on the image, you can click it to see the original size version.

Cars 2 races into theaters on June 24, 2011


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Okuni is a micro car Kabuki dancer who dons the traditional white-painted face and an exquisite colorful kimono for her performances at the Kabuki theater in Tokyo, Japan.


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As a professional Sumo wrestler at an arena in Tokyo, Japan, Kingpin Nobunaga is a gold-painted micro van who fights his fiercest matches when he’s wearing his lucky purple mawashi.


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Pinion Tanaka is a gold-painted micro van and a professional Sumo wrestler from Tokyo, Japan, who’s always a menacing sight in the ring in his signature teal mawashi.


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A master in the art of sculpting the serene zen rock garden at the Tokyo museum, Zen Master wears his old woven reed hat and uses his antique wood rake to create mesmerizing patterns in the garden’s sand.

The complete character gallery (so far) is below)

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Cars 2 characters still waiting to be revealed include: Crabby, Brent Mustangburger and The Queen.

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