Celebrate the Summer with Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends

Good Times Gathering SpotNo, sadly the Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends show hasn’t returned, but the theatre in which it took place at Animal Kingdom’s Camp Minnie-Mickey isn’t going to waste either. Offered daily through August 8, Disney has brought back the Good Times Gathering Spot which had previously only been offered during Christmas and Easter weeks.

Good Times Gathering SpotThe Good Times Gathering Spot offers the chance for guests to play and dance with some of their favorite characters: Koda, Kenai, Chip, Dale and Meeko are regulars here. Pictured to the right are the characters supporting children involved in a game of Dots, which seems innocently enough a lot like musical chairs until it takes an interesting switch that sends kids out into the audience to be the first to bring back the requested item (the first was a left shoe, if that gives any indication). A live DJ facilitates the games, dances and other activities. Hint: If you’re looking for autographs, wait until after 1 pm or so.

Pocahontas also makes scheduled appearances to tell stories to the children, followed by a meet & greet. She does continue to meet & greet at Rafiki’s Planet Watch’s Conservation Station as well.

The Good Times Gathering Spot runs continously through hours posted in the park’s times guide. All subject to change, particularly due to weather.

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