‘Zombies and Cheerleaders’ to be Disney Channel Sitcom Pilot

A few months ago, we reported on some interesting domain name registrations by Disney focusing on the unlikely combination of zombies and cheerleaders — relatively unusual for a family entertainment conglomerate, anyway. Within the past couple of weeks, we began receiving visits through search engines from various people searching for the term, sometimes combining it with Disney and even Disney Channel.

Today we have learned just what the ‘Zombies and Cheerleaders’ project is, thanks to a casting notice placed by Stiner/Block Casting, who routinely cast for Disney Channel projects. According to the casting call, we now know the project to be a pilot for a new Disney Channel comedy.

The show focuses on Zed, your typical popular high school kid who just happens to be a zombie. According to his bio, Zed is ‘a handsome, fun-loving, witty zombie who is still a looker — even if he is partially decomposed. … Zed is a confident mover and shaker — the man with the plan. He has a tight circle of pals, but he and his fellow zombies are largely excluded from the school’s uber-cool cheerleader group, led by his arch-nemesis, Bucky Buchanan. But when the beautiful Addison enters their school and joins the ranks of the cheerleaders, the smitten Zed vies with Bucky to score Addison for his girlfriend.’ For the record, Zed is able to control his appetite for brains via a device invented by his father, the z-pad.

Zed’s crush, Addison, is the new girl in school. Sher’s described as a ‘stunning girl with a gorgeous smile, a sweet nature, and a keen intelligence. New to school, Addison is delighted when she tries out for the cheerleading squad and makes it. However, unlike her new fellow cheerleaders, she harbors no prejudice against zombies, and indeed, finds Zed an intriguing and genuinely nice guy. But Addison seems oblivious to Zed’s big crush on her, which is driving him just a tad nuts.’

Eliza is described as a ‘hip female zombie with a bit of a edge clad in a beret and a Che Guevara t-shirt. Political and intellectual, Eliza believes that zombies are superior to humans.’ Eliza is also convinced she’s Zed’s girlfriend, although Zed is not quite as convinced. Despite her pro-zombie agenda, Eliza finds Addison to be a nice girl (for a human), but a rival when it comes to Zed’s affection.

Jerry is Zed’s best friend with an offbeat sense of humor. He also happens to be a human who has a thing for zombie culture. His zombie obsession gets him invited into the zombie clique at school.

Lastly, we have head cheerleader Bucky. Bucky is a ‘handsome, cocky, swaggering human’ and ‘is a narcissist who still manages to be extremely likable. The cheer master of the cheerleading squad, he is undisputedly the most hip and popular guy in school. In other words, he’s Zed’s arch-nemesis, and he never misses an opportunity to insult and harass Zed and his zombie cohorts. When pretty Addison comes to school, Bucky and Zed compete for her favors – and for now, it seems like Bucky’s winning hands-down.

Interestingly enough, they are looking for the roles of Zed, Addison and Bucky to be strong singers in addition to comedic talents. This is a nationwide open casting call with auditions due in by October 10, so if anyone is interested in auditioning for the roles, see this page for links for all the necessary information.

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3 thoughts on “‘Zombies and Cheerleaders’ to be Disney Channel Sitcom Pilot

  1. Hi my name is Xhilda. I am 13 years old. I have always loved watching disney channel. I absolutely love acting!I am ver much intrested in the character Eliza! I love acting, and i can play any role.I have a great personality, and I love making people laugh.Please consider me for a part! Thank you!

  2. Hi im angela and im 11.i really luv to act i want to do it everyday.i live in wichitafalls texas im in sixth grade.i love hanging out with people and making friends i sing good and dance good acting is my life.plz pick me.

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