Characters In Flight Grand Opening Ceremony to Take Place April 21

Image (c) Disney

Image (c) Disney

PARIS, Apr 17, 2009 — TUESDAY, April 21st at 9:00am (EST), Aerophile will celebrate its newest venture as the Characters in Flight Operated by Aerophile balloon in Downtown Disney enjoys its grand opening!

Jerome Giacomoni, president and co-founder of Aerophile, along with the balloon’s ground crew and pilot cordially invite you to attend the official inauguration of Characters in Flight Operated by Aerophile.

Come witness, cameras in hand, this breathtaking moment at Downtown Disney’s West Side!

Aerophile S.A., the new tethered balloon’s inventor and manufacturer, has given guests of Downtown Disney Area in Lake Buena Vista, Florida a thrilling vantage point from which to admire the sprawling Disney sites. Boasting an unparalleled 360-degree view up to 10 miles on a clear day, the Characters in Flight Operated by Aerophile balloon rises up to 400 feet in the air and can carry up to 30 passengers in its gondola, including the pilot, on each flight (subject to weather conditions).

The giant tethered balloon measures 105 feet in height, has a circumference of 240 feet, a 72-foot diameter, and an impressive volume of 210,000 cubic feet. Aerophile designed its quick mooring system and star-shaped landing platform especially for Downtown Disney.

The world leader in tethered balloons, Aerophile S.A. is proud to unveil the latest incarnation of the Aero 30 NG Model, one of the company’s 50 systems sold or operated in 25 countries around the world. A veritable gem of machinery, the Aero 30 NG operates silently and is 100% pollution-free!

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