Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia and Dale! Disney Chia Pets Debut for Holiday Season

Disney Chia ProductsIt’s been a long time coming: after countless licensing deals with other properties (even A&E’s ‘Duck Dynasty’!), Joseph Enterprises has finally announced it is releasing two Disney-themed Chia Pet products just in time for the holidays.

First up is the Chia Pet Mickey Mouse which features a reusable handmade pottery planter (includes enough Chia seed for three plantings), complete with mouse ears. Also new is the Chia Flower Garden featuring Winnie the Pooh, which includes a reusable terra cotta planter and three premium paperwhites bulbs.

Locating a retailer for the Chia Disney line seems to be easier said than done, however. Walgreens does list both the Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh for just $15.99 each, but says no availability either in stores or online. However, there are currently several sellers in the Amazon marketplace offering both the Chia Pet Mickey Mouse and Chia Flower Garden Pooh, but be cognizant of variation in prices and availability between them.

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