‘Cinderella’ Collector’s Edition Soundtrack to Feature Newly Recorded ‘Lost Chords’

'Cinderella Collector's Edition'Continuing with what appears to be a new tradition, the ‘Cinderella Collector’s Edition’ soundtrack will contain several of the film’s ‘lost chords,’ re-recorded and fully produced just as the company has recently done for The Aristocats and The Rescuers, according to Amazon.com.

The Collector’s Edition will consist of 24 tracks with 14 of them being dedicated to songs that were written for but did not make it into the film for whatever reason. While the songs (‘I’m In The Middle of a Muddle,’ ‘Dancing On A Cloud,’ ‘The Dress My Mother Wore,’ ‘The Mouse Song,’ ‘The Face That I See In the Night,’ ‘Sing a Little, Dream A Little’ and ‘I Lost My Heart At the Ball’) have been released previously in their included demo form on DVD, they will each be accompanied by a fully produced version ‘featuring full orchestration and mastering as if they would have been included in original films.’ Unfortunately Amazon.com does not list who recorded the new tracks, but if the aforementioned releases are any indication, they will be performed by contemporary artists.

The soundtrack will be available to own on October 2, 2012, the same day the Blu-ray is released, and is currently available for pre-order.

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