‘Circle with Disney’ Helps Manage Internet and Device Usage for Families

Circle with DisneyCircle Media Inc. and Disney today announced the launch of ‘Circle with Disney,’ a new product that integrates with families’ Wi-Fi networks at home and provides parents with the ability to filter and control internet access for individual family members for all connected devices including smartphones, tablets, personal computers and gaming consoles. Each family member’s profile and settings can be customized based on age and parental preference. In addition, ‘Circle with Disney,’ can even limit internet access on devices connected to the network that belong to family guests.

The ‘Circle with Disney’ service is managed through an iOS app which not only helps control access and time limits to individual apps and services, but also maintains historical data and reports on internet usage for each family member. Individual connected devices can be assigned both a ‘BedTime’ and a wake-up time that helps control when the device has access to the internet, as well as the ability to ‘pause’ the internet across the board with the press of a single button.

'Circle with Disney'Additionally, through a licensing partnership with Disney, ‘Circle with Disney’ also provides families with Disney entertainment that parents trust and children love. ‘Circle with Disney’ will deliver a curated selection of Disney content including videos, blogs, gifs, emojis, music, games, characters and lots more through a unique experience called ‘MyCircle.’

In early 2016, Circle will launch a subscription-based out-of-home service called ‘Circle Go,’ which will cover all iOS devices on cellular networks, providing the same level of in-home service.

‘Circle with Disney’ is available now for $99 from meetcircle.com, and will be available soon from DisneyStore.com/circle. The Circle app can be downloaded free from the Apple App Store.

Key features of ‘Circle with Disney’ include:

  • TIME LIMITS: Families can set daily Time Limits on any app or content category they want. With Time Limits, families can customize how much time their kids spend on each platform and set a total online time for the day.
  • FILTER: Families can set individual filter levels for each family member. Circle with Disney has four preset age-levels and allows for further customization by platform, app, website, and content category. Families can choose a filter that matches each user’s age and interests, filtering out inappropriate content.
  • INSIGHTS: Families can stay informed about where their kids spend their online time — by platform, category and website. ‘Circle with Disney’ allows families to see a member’s total time spent online and the sites visited.
  • PAUSE THE INTERNET: With the press of a button, families can pause the Internet, disabling access to a specific device, individual, or the entire home.
  • BEDTIME™: Families can create a BedTime™ for each family member and their devices. Simply set a sleep time, when the devices will disconnect from the Internet, and an awake time, for the morning when the devices will reconnect.
  • GUEST DEVICES: Circle with Disney recognizes when a guest joins the home’s Wi-Fi and can apply a family’s home settings to visitors’ devices.
  • BLOCK ADS: Circle with Disney can block ads for any user’s devices.
  • EVERY DEVICE: Circle with Disney knows every single device connected to a family’s network (smart phones, tablets, computers, gaming consoles) and gives families the ability to manage each.

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