Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Disney Over ‘Baby Einstein’ Refunds

Alleging violation of the California Legal Remedies Act and the California Business Code, the class action claims that Disney has not fulfilled its promise of offering full refunds on Baby Einstein DVDs purchased since an uproar was caused over a report that determined that the videos had no positive intellectual effect on infants despite claims made on the initial product. Although Disney acquired Baby Einstein in 2001, the current refund offer which was intended to fend off a class action lawsuit of its own, only covers videos sold since 2004.

The new action seeks to expand the refund coverage to videos sold as early as Disney distributed the products as well as to pay pack the full price of the DVDs including shipping and handling costs and to abolish the 4 titles per household limit, which is in place to deter others from accumulating used DVDs at a discounted rate in order to cash in on the refunds.


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2 thoughts on “Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Disney Over ‘Baby Einstein’ Refunds

  1. my husband and I encouraged our son to watch these videos since he was a baby. I too did not know my son had Aspergers and they only seem to aggravate his disorder.


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