More Clips and Featurette from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ – Alice Comes for Tea and Drinks Some Pishsolver

Following up on the two clips we posted earlier today, Walt Disney Studios has provided us with two additional clips plus a five minute featurette that goes behind the scenes of Alice in Wonderland.

First up is the Tea Party in which Alice, having been brought back to the Underland by the white rabbit, encounters the Dormouse, March Hare and — of course — the Mad Hatter at the tea party where the trio debate as to whether she truly is *the* Alice.

In the next clip, Potion Making, a larger Alice meets up with the White Queen who concocts the pishsolver, an interesting mix of ingredients that helps to put Alice back into perspective

And finally, we have a featurette featuring the cast and crew of the film talking about it while showing clips and behind-the-scenes footage of the film.

The world premiere for Alice in Wonderland will be taking place tomorrow evening in London. We’ll be streaming the event live on the site and soon after offer photos from the red carpet.

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