CONFIRMED: Disney Parks to Sell Creepy Figurines with Your Child’s Face on Them

Rapunzel 'I Am A Princess' FigureWe last mentioned the program (which we believe to be called ‘I Am A Princess’) which allows a child’s face to be digitally transferred to the form of a Disney Princess a couple of weeks ago when we discussed a patent Disney is seeking to ‘clone’ the human face. Today, this program was confirmed by the official Disney Parks blog which offers up new details, though falls short of naming it.

While the blog erroneously identifies the ‘Carbon Freeze Me’ experience as being the introduction of the D-Tech.Me program during the most recent Star Wars Weekends event, the truth is the Disney Princess program has been piloted before. However, this is the first time it was officially announced and will accept reservations.

Like the Star Wars program, the facial scanning is performed on-site but the order will take several weeks to be fulfilled by mail. The first figurine disfigurine, which measures 7″ in height, is $99.95 with duplicates available at order time for $74.95 each or 3″ replicas for $39.95. Domestic shipping is an extra $15.95 and international shipping begins at $74.95, though anyone willing to pay upwards of $200 for one of these things has more important issues to worry about.

For more information on the product and how to make a reservation, see the official blog. An appointment with your neighborhood psychiatrist probably wouldn’t hurt either.

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