CONFIRMED: ‘Star Wars in Concert’ to Return in 2016 with Multi-City Tour

'Star Wars In Concert'Back in October, we reported that Disney had registered While the domain had remained dormant for a while, it eventually ended up pointing to an old Flash-based site promoting a Star Wars in concert series some years back. On a whim, we decided to check on the domain name again today and found a welcome surprise — confirmation that the concert series would be returning to ‘a city near you in 2016.’

The site currently only teases the event as well as provides the ability to sign up for a mailing list that promises the ability to purchase tickets before they go on sale to the public, as well as receive ‘”members-only” benefits that people in the crowd would dream about having.’

The rest of the teaser includes: ‘take part in an unforgettable concert experience with cutting-edge visual technology and sound design. The iconic music of John Williams will guide you through the legendary battle of light and dark and immerse you into the worlds, characters and story of Star Wars.’

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