CONFIRMED: ‘The Lone Ranger’ Playset for Disney Infinity

'The Lone Ranger' Playset for Disney InfinityJust ahead of E3, we have received confirmation of something we have been reporting for quite some time: a previously as-of-yet unannounced playset for ‘Disney Infinity,’ The Lone Ranger. Although we have been talking about the playset since before the original announcement, we last visited the possibility back in March, when the launch had been delayed until August. While most outlets focused on that its launch no longer coincided with the theatrical release of Monsters University, we also pointed out that it now releases after the theatrical debut of The Lone Ranger, which will now mean Disney Infinity will be relying on the success of the film rather than being a marketing tool for it.

Now with E3 just a couple of weeks away, etailers such as have begun listing the playset for pre-order. One gung ho retailer in particular, Entertainment Earth, even went as far as providing an image of the packaging for the playset which features the Tonto and Lone Ranger figures, along with the playset token, a variant on the skull and crossbones composed of a Texas Ranger badge, a pistol and a tomahawk.

The page has since been removed, but the images themselves were left in-tact (both the thumbnail and actual size). Additionally we were able to find the page in tact through the internet archive wayback machine. The product description reads as follows:

Disney Infinity The Lone Ranger Play Set Pack

  • Expand on your Disney Infinity figure collection!
  • Disney Infinity Play Set Pack for Disney’s The Lone Ranger.
  • Comes with The Lone Ranger and Tonto video game mini-figures along with The Lone Ranger world!

Continue building and strongly expanding your arsenal of Disney Infinity characters! This Disney Infinity The Lone Ranger Play Set Pack lets you greatly expand your strength in the Disney Infinity video game. Featuring video game mini-figures of The Lone Ranger’s Tonto and The Lone Ranger along with The Lone Ranger world expansion ability, this Play Set Pack allows you to continue playing and experiencing the amazing world of Disney Infinity with Disney’s The Lone Ranger!

It should be noted that the anticipated September 2013 release date is the same date Entertainment Earth has posted for all ‘Disney Infinity’ products so we still anticipate The Lone Ranger playset’s release at launch. The prices are also higher than you can expect from other etailers. We asked Entertainment Earth about their prices and this was a response from a representative:

‘The pricing we have posted on our site is the pricing that has been recommended as the correct retail price for the item. Since Disney is the license holder, they can sell the item for a lower price than any other retail outlet. We do offer a Low Price Guarantee program, … you can forward that website URL to us and we will try to match it.’

This just leaves the Toy Story Space playset we have been anticipating.

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