CONFIRMED: ‘Toy Story Space’ Playset for Disney Infinity

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Disney Infinity 'Toy Story Space' PlaysetWhether it was intentional or not, the release of a new ‘Disney Infinity’ featurette titled ‘Creating Disney Infinity: Play Sets’ has officially confirmed our previous reports that ‘Toy Story Space’ does in fact appear to be an upcoming playset for the ‘Disney Infinity’ gaming platform.

The video also features minor clips from ‘Phineas and Ferb’ which we also believed to be an upcoming playset but are unclear if it had ever officially been announced as such (characters such as Phineas and Agent P have often been touted as playable characters in previous promotional videos).

Without saying as much, the video also heavily promotes that the ‘Disney Infinity’ team has enlisted Disney Character Voices talent to provide quite a number of spoken lines throughout the ‘Disney Infinity’ experience.

The video is embedded below:

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