Creative Forces Behind Disney/Pixar’s UP to Ring Closing Bell at New York Stock Exchange May 29

While the event has already taken place, we hope to provide you with video and more coverage soon. Keep checking for more coverage of this historic event. (Video has been posted here)

While the New York Times may continue to report on their financial bleak outlook for Disney with an apparent shortage of toys inspired by UP or the Jonas Brothers in.. well, whatever they do, it appears Pixar may get the last laugh – or at least the last bell.

Regardless of how Disney’s stock performs, the entire New York Stock Exchange is going UP. On Friday, May 29, at at 4:00 PM EST, Pete Docter (Director, co-writer), Jonas Rivera (producer) and Bob Petersen (co-writer, voice of Dug, et al) will ring the closing bell from the company’s studios in Emeryville, CA via remote.

The event will be streamed live at beginning at 3:59 PM EST.

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