Disney Cruise Line’s ‘Tangled’ to See the Light in May; ‘Frozen’ to Join ‘Golden Mickeys’?

First announced by Alan Menken during a press call ahead of his 2013 D23 Expo performance, it appears that the staged musical adaptation of Tangled will be making its Disney Cruise Line debut in May of 2015. The news was prompted by several casting calls announced on Disney’s official auditions calendar, which states that it is casting for an opening company with rehearsals to begin in January 2015 and to conclude in mid-May. As with most Disney Parks and Resorts entertainment, the show is being produced by Imagineering’s Disney Creative Entertainment division and will be directed by Gordon Greenberg, choreographed by Connor Gallagher, with Ed Whitlow as artistic and production director.

All in all, the opening company will consist of 19 actors/dancers, with the primary roles as follows:

RAPUNZEL: 18 years old, strong singer. Beautiful and bold, with 70 feet of golden blonde hair, she is spirited, smart and adventurous. Although she has been contained in a tower for her entire life, Rapunzel is eager to break out, to see the world – and to uncover the mystery behind the floating lanterns she sees every year on her birthday. Actress should have a genuine innocence and inner strength.

FLYNN RIDER: Early 20s, strong singer. Flynn is a handsome, virile, petty thief with a thirst for adventure, great sense of humor, and superhuman good looks. His wits and agility help him navigate the trickiest of situations and he always seems to land on his feet. He’s charmed that way. Upon meeting Rapunzel, though, he turns into a more compassionate and generous person. Actor should have a strong sense of humor and compelling rakish charm.

MOTHER GOTHEL: Late 30’s early 40’s, character vocalist. Rapunzel’s ostensible mother. In reality, she is an old woman who has colonized Rapunzel to use her hair’s magical youth restoring powers. She must hold her captive in order to remain young. Her maniacal desire to hold onto Rapunzel is thinly veiled in her attempts at being maternal and emotionally blackmailing her into staying. Actress should have a sense of gravitas and an arch sense of humor.

STABBINGTON BROTHERS & VILLAGE THUGS: Male, 20’s – 30’s, Burly, tough, physically intimidating character actor. Excellent physical comic actor/singer.

In addition, Disney Cruise Line is also casting for a performing Elsa from Disney’s Frozen. While it’s not likely that a full Frozen production is on the docket at this time, it’s a strong suggestion that Elsa will be worked into a current production, most likely ‘The Golden Mickeys,’ which has occasionally been updated to include new princesses.

ELSA: Female, early 20’s, must be fit & trim. Originally voiced by Idina Menzel. Strong powerhouse vocals. Holds herself with strength, confidence and the poise and grace of a queen. She can be regal, yet youthful at the same time.

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