D23 Announces 2010 ‘Sip & Stroll’ Event, Dave Smith Retirement Dinner at Walt Disney World

On October 15 and 16, D23 members are invited to partake in the 2010 ‘Sip & Stroll’ event at Walt Disney World. In addition, a limited number of tickets will be available for a private retirement celebration dinner in honor of Walt Disney Studios Archivist Dave Smith which will be held at the VIP Lounge at the Seas with Nemo and Friends pavilion at Epcot.

Tickets for the just event are $85 while tickets for both the event and dinner are $185 each. D23 members in good standing may purchase a ticket for themselves and one additional guest.

The event begins on Friday evening as D23 attendees are invited to celebrate Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival with unique experiences created just for them. The group will first gather in the foyer of The American Adventure pavilion for a wine and cheese reception. A selection of artisan cheeses with dried fruits, berries, nuts, and house made breads along with Canadian cheddar cheese fondue and additional flavorful treats will be available. Wine, beer and non-alcoholic beverages will also be served to set the tone for a fabulous event.

Guests who have purchased the Dave Smith retirement dinner package will then join the festivities inside the VIP Lounge of The Seas with Nemo and Friends Disney Legend Dave Smith, retiring Chief Archivist for The Walt Disney Company, is honored on his final day with the company.The VIP lounge is one of Epcot’s most beautiful private spaces, featuring an enormous glass window that looks into the pavilion’s 5.7 million gallon aquarium. Dinner includes a selection of crisp salads, grilled flatbreads, pecan-roasted turkey, fresh scallops and beef medallions. Sumptuous sides include sweet potato mash, wild mushrooms and truffle mac ‘n’ cheese. You can also wash down some delicious German sausage and baked spaetzle with Radeberger beer from Germany. For dessert, there will be a selection of sweets inspired by Disney movie classics. Dinner includes wine, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages — all perfect to toast the man who founded the Walt Disney Archives 40 years ago.

Saturday morning the event convenes at the Mexico pavilion in World Showcase to sample some robust Mexican coffee and pastries at the newly opened La Hacienda restaurant, hosted by Ricky Deblar, president of the San Angel Inn, who will be on hand to talk about the latest addition to Epcot eateries.

Following the breakfast treat, the group will journey on to the Odyssey building for exclusive presentations and surprises. Our friends from Guerlain and Givenchy will explore their rich histories with Epcot — and Givenchy will offer a sample of their brand new fragrance. Chef Scott Hunnel and Israel Perez of Disney’s exquisite Victoria and Albert’s restaurant will share exciting details about the new Queen Victoria Room, and they will prepare a new dish that will be featured at Remy — the new restaurant on the Disney Dream!

That afternoon, guests can join D23 head Steven Clark, Dave Smith, Archives Director Becky Cline, Disney twenty-three editor in chief Carmen Capone, D23’s Disney Geek Jeffrey Epstein and others from the D23 Team as they sip and stroll our way around World Showcase. As we talk about some of our favorite Epcot spots, each guest will have a “passport” they can use to obtain exclusive Sip & Stroll surprises at various locations around the lagoon.

Also during the day, the VIP lounge inside The American Adventure pavilion will be open just for D23 Members as a place to enjoy some water or lemonade. If you haven’t seen the elegantly designed lounge, you will definitely want to stop in for a look and a libation.

That evening the group will gather at the America Gardens Theatre for reserved seating to the Eat to the Beat concert featuring ’80s icon Howard Jones (“What is Love,” “No One is the Blame”).

The event draws to a close at the Italy Isola for private, reserved viewing of the nighttime spectacular IllumiNations and a mouthwatering dessert party that will include strawberries with Creole Shrubb burst, milk chocolate hazelnut crunch, flambéed cinnamon doughnuts with tiramisu gelato and much more! The perfect way to end a fantastic food-filled weekend!

Tickets will become available for purchase on August 30 at 1 pm ET. Please note that park admission to Epcot is required for both days and is not included in the D23 package. For more information and to order tickets when available, see here.

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One thought on “D23 Announces 2010 ‘Sip & Stroll’ Event, Dave Smith Retirement Dinner at Walt Disney World

  1. Let’s make this really simple and clear as crystal for D23:

    Stop having high-price events. Just do more “Tweet-ups” and casual events that make people feel they are part of SOMETHING, not paying $75 a year so we can spend MORE money.

    Do events OUTSIDE of California and Florida. Show an old Disney movie in Boston! Hold a seminar at Walt Disney’s house in Marceline! Give a pin to all D23 members who buy tickets to a Broadway show!

    I cannot possibly see paying $85 to go to a “Sip and Stroll” on top of the $75 I pay for membership and the $75 I pay to get into Disney World. That’s $235 for the “honor” of walking around Epcot with Steven Clark and company? That’s just silly.

    How many times have the fans TOLD YOU WHAT THEY WANT? How come you’re not listening, D23? Maybe you just really could care less about fans and really just want the money. But, hey, the magazine is getting better I will say that.

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