D23 Expo 2011: ‘101 Dalmatians’ Fan Art Contest Announced

As part of the inaugural D23 Expo in 2009, Disney celebrated the legacy of Donald Duck by offering Disney fans the opportunity to create an official portrait for the Disney icon and Stitch Kingdom was on hand when the rare, coveted Duckster Award went to winner Jennifer Sleeper.

Although a Duckster isn’t likely to be in the cards for the winner of the 2011 art contest, Disney D23 is once again inviting fans to celebrate the magic of Disney’s history by create art, this time commemorating the Walt Disney animated classic One Hundred and One Dalmatians which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2011.

Entrants must be D23 members at least 18 years of age and submit a sketch of their proposed work to the Walt Disney Archives no later than April 4, 2011. Entrants are able to submit up to three sketches.

If a proposed sketch is accepted, the entrant will be notified by phone or email no later than May 9, 2011 with the final art being submitted no later than July 11, 2011. Finalists, whose work will be on display at the Disney D23 Expo in 2011, will be notified no later than July 18, 2011 of their status.

The work may be two- or three-dimensional. Art may not be electrical, digital, require electricity or require the use of any external device including but not limited to a generator, computer, battery pack, or external outlet. Art may not be made out of food, vegetation, or any perishable item, nor may it utilize any animal byproducts or pelts. Art may be no larger than 5 feet square and weigh no more than 50 lbs. Art may be signed by artist. Work must also be original and created solely for the contest and may not have been published in any form. Original sketches of the proposed art may be in any media and any size.

Note that upon submission, all entries (sketches and final paintings) become the property of Disney Enterprises, Inc. (“Disney”) and may be used in perpetuity at Disney’s sole discretion. Artists are responsible for all material costs including packaging and shipping.

For more information and to enter the contest, download the complete rules and application here (PDF).

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