D23 Expo: Attendees (and John Lasseter) Create Massive LEGO Mural; Sneak Peeks at New Releases (Video)

The showpiece at the D23 Expo LEGO booth was definitely the 8×15 foot mosaic featuring a photo of Walt Disney and the D23 Expo official portrait by Tim Rogerson.

A 'before' photo of the LEGO Mosaic The completed LEGO mosaic

The mural, which consists of more than 150,000 1×1 bricks (in 19 colors), was assembled over 3 1/2 days by thousands of D23 Expo attendees. Each volunteer was handed a randomly chosen color-coded square to which the individual bricks were attached.

John Lasseter pictured along side LEGO Master Builder Erik Varszegi (Photo by Adrienne Helitzer/courtesy of Disney Consumer Products)The incredibly popular LEGO mosaic creation was so fun that even Disney and Pixar Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter couldn’t wait to do his part.

Below, we are delighted to offer you a time-lapse video of the mosaic being created:
[media id=47 align=center width=480 height=360]

Also in attendance was one of two Buzz Lightyear statues made entirely of LEGO bricks. Standing at around 5’3″, Buzz consists of about 40,000 LEGO bricks and took 3 Master Builders 250 hours to complete.

Buzz Lightyear LEGO Brick Statue A close-up of the LEGO Brick Buzz Lightyear Statue

If that’s not enough, we also got a first look at upcoming releases from the new venture between Disney Consumer Products and LEGO. On display were the initial series of Toy Story LEGO products, five kits in all, as well as some figures from the upcoming Prince of Persia line. We understand that the Toy Story LEGO collection will be released in January 2010 with additional sets based on Toy Story 3 out in May 2010.

Toy Story LEGO sets LEGO collection for Prince of Persia

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