D23 Expo: Even More Things to Know; Coverage Begins Thursday Afternoon

This will probably be the last official update we’ll be sharing with you, prior to the start of our extensive 2011 Disney D23 Expo coverage, but there will more than likely be additional things to note prior to the event, so you will want to stay in touch with us via Twitter and Facebook to keep on top of things.

Although the D23 Expo officially begins Friday, August 19, we’ll be starting our coverage on Thursday afternoon with early looks at shopping opportunities, sneak peeks at the Disney Parks’ ‘Carousel of Projects’ Pavilion, the Treasures of the Walt Disney Studios Archives and more. The extensive coverage is being supplemented by the incredible talent of Stitch Kingdom’s own Kelly Noble as well as (hopefully) a few additional contributors along the way.

Our coverage of Disney D23 Expo is being sponsored by the Red Lion Anaheim Hotel, located on the corner of South Harbor Drive and Katella Avenue. I’m very pleased that they are making the generous offer as it was the 2009 D23 Expo that I found the Red Lion Anaheim and decided next time I’ll be staying there, not only for its proximity to the Anaheim Convention Center (and the Disneyland Resort) but also for proximity to food and other opportunities, including GardenWalk, a 7-11 and more. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s one of the highest rated hotels in the area by visitors who rated it on TripAdvisor.com.

So without further ado, here are even more tips and things you will be glad to know about the D23 Expo that don’t quite fit elsewhere:

  • The Disney Parks and Resorts presentation in the Arena on Friday has been cut by half an hour, now scheduled to end at 4:30 pm.
  • We have confirmation from a very reliable source that the new interactive, talking Mickey Mouse meet & greet character that has been seen tested at Disneyland will be appearing in the Disney Parks pavilion, on Saturday and Sunday only.
  • Disney Living will offer meet & greets with Paige O’Hara (the voice of Belle from Beauty and the Beast) and Bret Iwan, the official voice of Mickey Mouse, on Friday, August 9 between 5 pm and 7 pm at their pavilion. There will also be live demonstrations by David Garibaldi on Saturday, between 1:00 and 2:15 pm, a live demo with Trevor Carlton on Sunday, from 12:00pm – 1pm and additional meet and greets with artists Lisa Keene and Tim Rogerson. Most of these presentations are by Disney Fine Art, who have made the entire schedule here.
  • An additional meet & greet opportunity with Studio Archives founder and Disney Legend, Dave Smith, has been added on Friday, from 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm in the Welcome Center.
  • Disney Interactive Studios has established a new Twitter account for the event at @DisneyGames. Follow for the latest official updates from the Disney Interactive Media Group’s pavilion and other surprises.
  • The Lion King vinylmation from Disney Store will be released on Friday, August 19, not Sunday as previously announced.
  • Mitchel Musso has been added to the appearance of the cast of ‘Pair of Kings’ at the Disney Channel pavilion.
  • D23 Expo official artist Noah, who extends an open invitation to all attendees to take some time to relax in his booth lounge in the Collectors Forum to talk art, Vinylmation, whatever, has promised a 10% discount on art and 20% discount on clothing for any attendees wearing a t-shirt by Noah Fine Art.

As always, be sure to follow @StitchKingdom on Twitter for the latest updates on Disney D23 Expo.

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