FIRST LOOK: D23 Expo Limited Edition Art, Pins, Vinylmation and More (And Yes, Duffy!)

Disney D23 Expo DuffyDisney D23 members who have purchased admission to the 2013 Disney D23 Expo at the Sorcerer level have received their invitation to bid on limited edition items via Random Selection Process (RSP) as well as the opportunity to pre-order several stock items from the Disney D23 Dream Store. Many of these items are either unique to the Expo or will be making their debut there before appearing at other locations such as the theme parks.

While the pre-purchase opportunities are afforded to Sorcerer-level attendees only, anyone can preview some of the items that will be available for purchase during the show.

The items have been broken out into four pages: RSP #1, RSP #2 and Dream Store Pre-order and last — and certainly not least (expensive) — Special Order (and yes, that that $35,000 ring is non-returnable).

One of the standout items is a made-to-order fiber-optic enhanced jacket designed by Art Lewis. Limited to a total edition size of 250, it will run you $1200. A video sample of the jacket’s fiber optics in action is available here.

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