D23 Expo Mini-Update: Auction Updates Highlight Disneyland Experiences, Picture Hatbox Ghost; D23 Goes Viral (Again) and More

It’s hard to follow up the details on the Walt Disney Studios D23 pavilion and screening schedule with anything, so not much else new to report within the 24 hours, so it’s time to turn the clock and put the spotlight on a few things you may have missed.

– But first, some real news: The D23 Live Expo Auction Catalog has been updated. This revision details the Disneyland experiences, a few of which are definitely once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Some photos have also been added including several of the Hatbox Ghost. You can get the updated PDF directly here. Remember that in addition to D23 Expo admission, you must purchase a separate auctioneer’s package in order to bid on items.

– Going back further in time, D23 started a little YouTube video series a la Blair Witch Project. The first installment has been released which sets out to give us a glimpse of what the Walt Disney Studio Archives may bring us:

– Although D23 has announced that Kingdom Keepers author and Peter and the Starcatchers co-author Ridley Pearson will be appearing at the Expo, it hasn’t yet officially detailed when. According to his twitter and official site, however, Ridley will be giving a talk at the Expo on Friday, September 11 at 8:30 am. However, as this would place him half an hour before the Expo opens to the general public, this may not be correct. While we await confirmation, Ridley has informed us that Stitch will be appearing in KK3: Disney in Shadow. So that’s good.

In the Company of Legends SM– You may have read the D23 Q&A article with Disney artist Tim Rogerson. While Tim has produced the official poster art for the Expo (titled In the Company of Legends), the image shown in the article is only a portion of the full art, which has left many confused as noted on D23’s facebook page. Tim has posted the full image himself on his own personal blog (where you can see a much larger version than the one pictured here), however (see the D23 article for pricing information). Also on his blog is the artwork he produced for the 2009 Epcot Food and Wine Festival.

If you’re headed to the Expo or just plain curious, make sure you follow us on Twitter or periodically check this link for all the latest news about the D23 Expo.

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