D23 EXPO: Overnight Queuing Policy, New StorePass Offers ‘FASTPASS’ For Shopping Opportunities

We’re just about two months away from this year’s Disney D23 Expo and the news and updates are starting to roll in, with two major announcements being made this evening on the Expo’s ‘Things to Know‘ page.

D23 Expo has already taken a page from the San Diego Comic-Con handbook by creating the 7,000 seat ‘Hall D23′ this year and now they’ve announced plans to allow attendees to start queuing for the events hall the previous night to ensure guests’ safety.  Beginning at 10:00 pm, guests can start lining up for Hall D23 on Thursday and Friday evenings for Friday and Saturday events respectively, in Hall E. These lines will be for the show floor as well as access to Hall D23 events — guests who arrive after 7 am on the day-of for the show floor are asked to enter directly through the front doors. A concession stand in Hall E will be available for guests who queue the evening before. Guests are asked to not bring anything that cannot easily be put away into a backpack or smaller-size bag since there is not a place to store/check items until the floor opens. There is a no re-entry policy for those who exit the overnight queues and there is no reserving space for anyone, so all members of the party should enter the queues together.

Also new this year is the StorePass, a FASTPASS-like system for the D23 Expo Dream Store, the Disney Store and Mickey’s of Glendale. A limited number of day-of tickets will be available beginning at 10:00 am for half-hour timeslots between 12:00 pm and 5:00 pm.

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9 thoughts on “D23 EXPO: Overnight Queuing Policy, New StorePass Offers ‘FASTPASS’ For Shopping Opportunities

  1. Kathy you are not alone in being very displeased with the policy. It’s worse than being held captive on a plane on a tarmac.

    I sent the following email below to D23 & the city of Anaheim. No response yet from them. Please continue to express your disappointment and maybe they can come up with a more civilized option rather than lining up the night prior.

    My email below sent to D23 & the city of Anaheim:

    “Dear D23,

    I am attending the D23 Expo this year 2015.  

    I received a letter with my badge that states that you are offering people to stay the night prior to the Convention Days of Friday, August 14 and Saturday August 15th (Thursday, Aug 13 and Friday, Aug 14) at 10pm in a room at the Anaheim Convention Center, Hall E.

    I have a 3 night room reservation reserved at the Hilton at $250 a night and paying the city a Hotel Occupancy Tax of 15% per night.

    Since you are condoning and offering for people to line up/camp out at 10pm the night prior (Thursday and Friday) in a room within the Convention Center (Hall E) will you be charging Occupancy Sales Tax (which is currently at 15% Occupancy) because you have essentially created a “hotel room” within the Convention Center that we will all be staying in overnight?  

    In addition there is an Anaheim anti-camping ordinance that deems it unlawful to camp out overnight in any “publicly owned or controlled facility within the city”, which the Anaheim Convention Center is.   

    This is a link to the ordinance:  http://www.anaheim.net/docs_agend/questys_pub/MG41925/AS41964/AS41967/AI44542/DO44544/DO_44544.PDF

    These two items pose legal and public safety violations with “allowing” people to line up overnight in Hall E.  In addition you are not properly collecting city taxes since you are condoning people stay over night in Hall E and not collecting Occupancy Sales Taxes since you have essentially created a large hotel room.

    An easy way to resolve this is to not allow over night line ups in Hall E.  Again, I am paying $900 for 3 nights to stay at the Hilton (including taxes and parking) and do not feel it is right that now you are condoning overnight line ups in Hall E.  

    Thank you so much and I look forward to your reply.”

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