D23 Expo Updates Round-up #1: Things to Know, Panel Changes, Collectors Forum Map and More

Each year of the D23 Expo, we stumble upon various bits and pieces of information that — although announced through official channels — just don’t lend themselves to full on posts. Most of the time we share these tidbits as they come up via our official Twitter and Facebook outlets, but every now and then we like to compile what we’ve found so far in a bit of an updates roundup to keep everyone informed of the latest changes.


  • The line ‘Only D23 Charter Members will be admitted to the Charter Member Lounge’ has been added to the section titled ‘Charter Member Lounge.’ This implies that all attendees wishing to make use of the lounge must have a D23 membership card on them that denotes them as charter members – no guests, children, etc., unless they are members as well.
  • New section ‘Entrance Locations’ which explains there will be separate floor entrances for D23 Members vs. General Admission. It also notes the Arena queue will open as early as 8 am on Friday and Saturday and that a camera check will be offered when cameras are not permitted in the Arena. It also notes that an official D23 Expo app will be forthcoming sometime this month (July) for both iPhone/iPad devices as well as Android devices.
  • New section ‘Hours’ provides show floor hours, which begin daily at 9 am for D23 Members and 10 am for General Admission. The floor closes for all at 7 pm. The ‘Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives’ will be open from 10 am – 7 pm daily, however the queue will be closed down at 5 pm on Sunday. All attendees are also advised that no queuing outside will be permitted prior to 5 am daily.
  • The ‘Ticketing’ section has been updated to note that all D23 Expo credentials will be mailed to those who purchased in advance; free lanyards/badge holders will be provided on site. Also noted is that attendees’ names and email addresses are encoded in the badge’s barcode, to be accessed by exhibitors at the D23 Expo if the attendee so wishes to share the information.
  • New section ‘StagePass’ has been added to explain the panel reservation system for Stage 23 and Stage 28 presentations, though it is probably best to refer to the official page for it for a detailed explanation.


  • ‘Richard M. Sherman and Alan Menken: The Disney Songbook,’ which takes place in the D23 Arena on Saturday, August 10, has been given a time of 6:30 pm.
  • The ‘New Mickey Mouse Shorts Screening’ panel, originally scheduled for Stage 28 on Sunday at 1 pm has been pulled from the schedule.

Although we did report in a separate post about the Exhibitor information being posted, it has since come to our attention that D23 Expo is maintaining two separate Exhibitor pages which are not in sync at the time of this update. The first is the one reported on, but a second version also includes Spring and Tervis Tumblers.

A new page has been added for the Collectors Forum section of the D23 Expo show floor which lists all the companies and individuals that have purchased exhibition space. In addition, with special thanks to artist Christopher Avalos (aka Evilos, Booth #221), we have a PDF featuring the layout of the Collectors Forum to assist in your planning. You can download the PDF directly here while checking out the latest updates on Evilos’ D23 Expo plans via his Facebook event page.


  • It is being reported that there will be no Disney Parks and Resorts presentation in the D23 Arena for the first time.
  • Disney Interactive, however, will have a presentation in the D23 Arena


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