D23 Expo: ‘Steamboat Willie Redux’ Animated Short Advance Screening

Steamboat Willie ReduxOnly one of three Disney characters to have a recognized birthday (co-star Minnie being another), Mickey Mouse entered the world of pop culture phenomena on November 18, 1928 — the day Steamboat Willie premiered at New York’s Colony Theatre.

This year will mark Mickey’s 85th birthday and Disney Consumer Products has decided to celebrate in a big way: by remaking the short that made Mickey. Titled Steamboat Willie Redux, it’s already been teased in DCP’s D23 Expo plans: ‘Celebrate the history and timelessness of the most cherished Disney character through this graphically re-interpreted mash-up of the pioneering 1928 cartoon short, Steamboat Willie.’

As it turns out, DCP actually is producing a brand new short based on the original as evidenced in part by this poster, discovered on tumblr (posted by DCP artist John Quinn a year ago, no less), which features an 85th anniversary date of November 18, 2013. After digging into it a little deeper, we stumbled upon this sneak peek Quinn provided on his blog back in May:

'Steamboat Willie Redux'

In the comments, he notes the short will debut at the D23 Expo. The D23 Expo schedule for Sunday notes that there will be a ‘Mickey Mouse Cartoon Short’ in the Disney Consumer Product pavilion, scheduled from 1 – 2 pm, indicating its likely debut.

In addition, Quinn also recently posted this photo of a papercraft model of the reduxed Steamboat Willie to his instagram:

'Steamboat Willie Redux' Papercraft Model by Quinn

Disney Consumer Products has noted the Steamboat Willie Redux exhibition will feature a gallery of works created by various artists celebrating the anniversary/short.


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