D23 EXPO: ‘The Optimist’ Alternate Reality Game Announced Ahead of Expo

Disney D23 today announced a new alternate reality game (ARG) dubbed ‘The Optimist,’ as a joint venture between Walt Disney Imagineering Research & Development and the Walt Disney Studios. The game focuses on a young undergrad named Amelia (on Twitter as @storyorbit) who is working on a documentary about her grandfather, Carlos. Recently deceased, Carlos was a writer who would inspire a young Amelia with his stories. After his passing, Amelia stumbled upon many of his old documents and began compiling everything she could find for her documentary as a tribute to him.

The idea behind the game is meant to use a fictionalized story (involving real names and historical data) and use social media to globally unite Disney fans who are interested in playing along. You can find more information on the concept behind the game at optimist.disney.com while the game itself starts off at storyorbit.com (the game’s registration link is at the bottom of the page and requires a Disney.com account).

There isn’t much else available on the game yet other than components of it appear to take place online at various websites, at the Disneyland Resort and it promises to culminate at the D23 Expo taking place at the Anaheim Convention Center, August 9-11, 2013. The rules do indicate, however, that by signing up, you will be giving WDI permission to send you both email and regular mail at their discretion, which — of course — only seems fitting for an alternate reality game.


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