D23 Expo: ‘Tomorrowland’ Film Poses More Questions Than Answers; App Coming

'Tomorrowland' Booth at D23 Expo‘Well this is a shocker,’ said absolutely nobody when it came to Disney’s D23 Expo and Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland project’s presence there. Attendees of the D23 Expo which kicks off today will no doubt notice the massive translucently-curtained booth that shamelessly advertises which upcoming Disney project it’s there to support.

But attendees won’t be able to visit and explore it — at least not until after the Walt Disney Studios live action presentation on Saturday, in which the film will be talked about and teased by Bird who is also slated to appear at the Expo’s Dream Store for an appearance/signing as well.

And while it’s all but confirmed, the alternate reality game (ARG), ‘The Optimist’ with its 1964 World’s Fair-centric theme, is pretty much a well concocted promo for the film (which also puts the World’s Fair, where Disney had developed several pavilions, in the forefront). One of the game’s characters, Wallace of ‘Disney Cartography’ has teased that the game would culminate into a large event involving the Expo. Wallace not only has a booth in the Collector’s Forum (where he will casually stroll in at 10 am daily), but he’ll be selling an exclusive print (no doubt riddled with more clues) and even the D23 Expo guidebook hints at more surprises with a full page ad placed for Wallace.

But if that wasn’t all, Disney has gone ahead and registered an event specific domain, TOMORROWLANDD23.COM which basically redirects to the Apple app store with a request to search for an app (as opposed to a specific App ID) which is not there yet. Whether the app is the next step to take the ARG beyond the Expo or if it will be a potentially one-day-only offering is anyone’s guess at this point.

In the film, a high school girl with an unconventional understanding of technology is launched on a journey to reclaim her future. In theaters December 12, 2014, Tomorrowland is being directed by Brad Bird, produced by Damon Lindelof and Brad Bird, and written by Damon Lindelof, Brad Bird and Jeff Jenson. George Clooney, Hugh Laurie, Raffey Cassidy, Britt Robertson and Thomas Robinson are among the known cast.


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