D23 Expo: Treasures of the Walt Disney Studio Archives Photo Tour

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Disney D23 Presents the Treasures of the Walt Disney Studio Archives is easily one of the most popular attractions during the biennial D23 Expo, arguably second only to the star-studded arena presentations, and this year is sure to be no different.

Although smaller than last year’s presentation, by focusing on timeless properties such as Disney’s oft-foray into the world of L. Frank Baum’s Oz and the 1964 classic Mary Poppins, the archives team has managed to produce a solid sampling of fascinating objects that span decades film and parks history.

In addition to the primary subjects, the archives also offers a sampling of costumes and props from more recent successes such as the Disney Channel Original Movie, Teen Beach Movie, as well as crowd favorite ‘Once Upon a Time’ whose props include Emma Swan’s baby blanket, Regina’s poison apple, Rumplestilskin’s dagger and Henry’s book. Costumes for Walt Disney (Tom Hanks), P.L. Travers (Emma Thompson), Richard Sherman (Jason Schwarzman) and Robert Sherman (BJ Novak) from Saving Mr. Banks also find a place among the Mary Poppins memorabilia.

More importantly, however, is that behind each (or at least most) beloved prop is its own fascinating story. Whether it’s the Mary Poppins snowglobe which was sitting in a janitor’s closet when discovered by Dave Smith, inspiring the creation of the Archives, or the actual Candy Mountain model found in the home of Imagineer Harriett Burns (it was designed to be a massive grand finale on Disneyland’s Storybook Land Canal Boats and feature over 250 Oz characters), they are indeed treasures with secrets just waiting to be dug up.

Below is our gallery of photos taken from the Treasures of the Walt Disney Studios Archives which also includes the North American debut of high fashion Disney Princess-inspired dresses commissioned by Herrods.

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