D23 EXPO: WALL-E and EVE Interactive Photo-Op Sneak Peek

WALL-E and EVE by Mike SennaOne of the new experiences to be found at D23 Expo this year will be ‘interactive’ photo opportunities spread throughout the floor. Among these photo-ops will be a fan-built WALL-E and EVE pair of robots as built by hobbyist Mike Senna.

By joining EVE and WALL-E together, Senna is able to create the illusion that EVE is actually hovering as she walks hand-in-hand with WALL-E. In the video below, courtesy of Senna’s YouTube page, Senna demonstrates how EVE is able to blink and otherwise manipulate her eyes.

According to Senna’s WALL-E blog, he will also be bringing along a second WALL-E with its inner workings exposed to highlight how the robot was constructed and operates.

If that’s not enough, Senna — who originally earned his fame from faithfully constructing an R2D2 from the Star Wars saga is also working on his own version of BB-8, which he shows a rough early build of in this video:

The fan created Pizza Planet truck from the Toy Story trilogy (along with virtually every other Pixar film) will also appear at the Expo as one of the photo ops. Other photo ops include: an oversize Disney Infinity 3.0 figure, Gruff from Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast,  Hiro’s Garage from Big Hero 6 (the former Disney Parks meet and greet background?), Olaf from Frozen, R2D2 from Star Wars, Skull Rock from Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy (from the 2013 Disney Expo DisneyToon booth?), the spacepod from Guardians of the Galaxy (actual prop as seen at SDCC?), ‘Star Wars Rebels’ (life size figures as seen at SDCC?, a scene from Tangled involving Flynn Rider, Rapunzel and Maximus and a large Wreck-It-Ralph figure.

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  1. Thank you so much for all the coverage you did for the robots! I truly appreciate it! Thank you also for taking the time to speak with us at the con!

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